Matters of the Heart: Telling People

I call my husband and here are my exact words, “Holy shit, you will not believe what just happened to me!” So, with a few tears I recount my doctor’s visit to my husband who is on his way to Los Angeles. Next, I call my friend and tell her I am coming over for a stiff cup of tea. With a few more tears, I recount my day. The tears get less the more I talk about it. When I arrive home, I begin to call my four children. Two girls cry, the youngest daughter takes it okay, and my son is very curious about the whole thing and asks lots of questions. Later in the week, I tell my friends from work. They are very supportive. However, I let them know I was not telling our principal until I had some idea of the ramifications of the diagnosis. I also tell my crossfit gyms in Tucson and Scottsdale that I can’t work out for a while. Again, the coaches are very supportive. The coaches let me know they’ll help me get back in shape when I am ready. All crossfitters will understand my agony in knowing I will have to start over at a date yet to be determined.