The Dollhouse: Uninvited Guests

We are having Rosie-on-the-House do some repairs and renovations on the Dollhouse. First up, repair the rotting window frame on the living room window. The damage is old and most of it caused by water seeping behind the siding. So they took out the old wood and put in new wood along with some flashing to prevent this from occurring again. A little bit of old termite damage was also noted in the wood. Not wanting to mess around, I decided to have the house inspected again even though it was inspected last year. Blue Sky Pest Control provides our routine bug service, so I gave them a call. The outside of the house is clean. The house has very little furniture, but when my daughter moved the shoeboxes in her closet we found a termite tube. Yikes! And just when I thought I could get a quote to extend the patio and replace the back gate. Thanks to Blue Sky for getting rid of my uninvited guests.


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